Friday, January 29, 2010


Why must people leave?
Why must we say goodbye?

NOOO! PLEASE don't go back!!! ;( Im gonna MISS MISS MISS you guys!!! Oh well, I know I can't change the fact that you guys are leaving in 24 HOURS time but THANK YOU AUNT JEAN, CHIN BO YAN, CHIN BO SHIEN and of course CHIN BO YIENG! I had enjoyed these 2 months so much that it's just TOO HARD to describe how enjoyable it was!

Time for a review:

1. We(the whole family, which is around 15+ of us) went and visit you in OZ.
Thank you SO MUCH for showing us around and accomodating A GREAT BUNCH OF US!
Memories together:
We baked and baked and BAKED. Cheese cake, Orange poppyseed cake, Carrot cake, Cupcakes, Chocalate fudge, Mua Chee and moreeee...
We had picnic in one of the parks. It was FREEZING COLD at night, BRRRR... HAHA! But we had fun dancing with the band didn't we? One two, one two three!!
We stayed up LATE AT NIGHT almost everyday. Especially with YOU my dear CHIN BO YIENG!!! :D Love 'ya woman!
We had a WAR, remember? HAHA Song Jun in the 'salty worm country' which actually means perverted country if you translate it into cantonese. HIT! BANG! Well, it's the family tradition since we were born, isnt it? No matter which family gathering we attend we MUST have a war ;)

2. Few weeks later, you guys came and visit US in MSIA for TWO WHOLE MONTHS!
All of US had ton lots of FUN, didn't we? :D
We ate and ate and ATE! Gawsh thinking back, I can't even count how many times we went out for FOOD! And OF COURSE POPO's (grandmother) PRO Cooking skills cannot be neglected too!
We watched some zombie movie with the lights closed in Aunt Lai Cheng's house! SCARY, I tell you. When a zombie pops out we SHOUT well actually we shouted for the sake of scaring others. Hehe :P
We went for a MOVIE MANIA! First, all of us(our genaration only) went for Alvin and the Chipmunks while the adults went for a shopping spree. The whole row was OUR PEOPLE! :D From the age of 4 to 18. Picture the scene!! HOW Gimmediately RAND!! Then after that, the guys went for Avatar, the girls went for Treasure Hunter, the adults went for some chinese movie (I've forgotten the name of it).
We attended a wedding dinner of one of our distant relative. Yieng, BShien and me had a 'makeover session' at my house before that. We washed each others hair, like how saloon does! Then we did each others hair, grooming it into a STYLE! We even had masks on our faces!! We wanted to do our own masks but it turned out that I haven't have enough ingredients so we put on ready-made masks! We put on dresses and happily went for the dinner. But guess what?! The bridegroom's dad was wearing a T-shirt and jeans!!! While my whole family was all DRESSED UP! Aye Aye Aye!